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Private Money Ground Up Funding Program
Term Summary
  • Build to Sell or Build to Rent

  • Up To 100% of all Vertical Cost

  • Up to 50% of Land Cost (Possibly higher on a case by case basis)

  • Max Funding 70% ABV (After Built Value)

  • Rates Starting at 7.99% I/O Per 12 Month Fixed Term

  • 12 Month Interest Only with no Prepayment Penalty

  • Origination 2% and up

  • 600 Minimum Credit Score

  • Single Family: $100,000 - $5,000,000

  • Multi-Family: $250,000-$25,000,000

  • Close in as little as 7 Business Days

  • Heave/Large Builds OK

  • Rate & Leverage Depends on Experience

  • No Interest Charged on Un-drawn Funds

  • Refinance & Hold with our 30 Year Stated Loan Product - N.O.O!


  **Lines of Credit Funding Options Available

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